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Creating a Lasting Impression  

Visual marketing, and especially live streaming provides a memorable, personal connection that enables wider client reach, more credibility, and inevitably more business.

Victory Visionz Media offers high-quality live streaming services in Richmond, Virginia, and surrounding areas.


Live broadcast of your sporting event or sports camp is the best way for you to showcase your hard work and connect to a wide audience.


Through super sound and quality images, as your story unfolds, our videography experts will deliver a professional and secure visual production. 

Basketball Game

Do It Yourself Live Streaming

and Why You Shouldn’t!

You wouldn’t be the first to live stream by yourself.


You also wouldn’t be the first to miscalculate the whole thing, trying to save money, wasting precious time, and tearing your hair out as you finally hand over your project to a professional videographer.


Some of the pitfalls might include:

  1. Using a non-professional streaming platform (there’s no tech support by the way)

  2. Losing your rights to all the broadcasting content

  3. Ruining the production because you didn’t have the right equipment or it didn’t work properly on the day. 



We are able to provide a variety of features for your event live steam:

  • Streaming to multiple platforms at once (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, your website)

  • Create overlays to display during the broadcast (names of teams playing, athlete info during combine drill)

  • Multiple camera setup for split-screen viewing or creating separate streams (multiple games at one time)

  • Creating a password-protected webpage for stream link on our site 

  • Designing a thumbnail for the stream based on your brand    

Why Choose

Victory Visionz?


We’ve covered countless sporting events and sports camps and we know what we’re doing  


Our team of trained cinematographers have the technique, skill, and talent to deliver on the day 


High quality equipment, from single to multi-camera setup, together with know-how and expertise to use it effectively


We guarantee to take your in-house project and the headache that goes with it and turn it into a stress-less, enjoyable production. 

The value of live streaming and its impact cannot be underrated. Choose Victory Visionz and make a good live streaming sports event into an unforgettable one. 


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